In previous years we used to provide a large airfare subsidy to many individuals. USA is a large country with each state larger than many countries in the world. No matter where we host the annual ijtema, there is significant travel involved for most of the Khuddam. We realize that the cost of the travel can be high but we hope that you will find the experience to be worth it.


Last year the Shura made two decisions which were approved by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih (aba). Firstly, the Shura decided that the National Ijtema must be rotated among all regions instead of hosting it in one geographic area every year. Secondly, the Shura eliminated the travel subsidy from the budget and put that money in the Ijtema budget. The thinking behind is that if we increase the quality of the ijtema then people will naturally come to enjoy it every year.


airfare subsidy:


We will offer a very limited need-based subsidy to some Khuddam who are unable to afford the cost of travel to the Ijtema. As explained above, we do not have a lot of funds for it this year so it will be very selective and priority will also be given to those who book early. Once the money runs out, there will be no more subsidy. Don’t assume you will receive a subsidy until your request is approved. Local majalis can also subsidize some costs if they have room in their local budgets but we will leave this decision to each majlis.


Book early and apply for the subsidy soon. The subsidy will be paid a few weeks after the Ijtema.


There is also an airfare loan program available. If you want to come but don’t afford the ticket right now, we will hook you up with a brother who will pay for your airfare with the promise that you will pay him back in a few months.

Apply for Airfare Subsidy

Car Rental Subsidy:


Since the site is about two hours from the airport and we have very few Khuddam who live in Denver so most people will need to rent their own cars or get a ride with someone who is renting a car. We will cover a portion of the cost of the rental. This will be based on the number of passengers in your car, each way. Each renter is eligible to claim $10 per passenger each way. So, a car with 5 passengers coming to the YMCA and going back will be eligible for $100 subsidy. The remaining cost will be split among the occupants of the car and you need to handle this yourself amongst each other.


We are getting some good rates at the airport for the rental cars. Contact us soon to reserve a car for yourself. These prices may not last long.


Sample prices before subsidy for a 4-day rental (Fri morning – Monday Evening)
Compact: $172
Mid-size: $178
Full-size: $187
Standard SUV: $295 (5-passenger)
Mini-Van: $295 (7-passenger)
15-seater van: $529


If you rent for a shorter or longer period, your rates will be changed accordingly. For example, three-day rental for a compact car is $132. These rates are for rental pickup and dropoff at the airport.


A limited number of cars are available at this discounted rate. Please contact Nazim Transportation to reserve your car (@MonibAhmed on Telegram or [email protected])


While this is not a need-based subsidy, we encourage those who can afford to pay on their own, to not apply for it. This way we will be able to provide more support to those who need it. Also, once again the money is limited so it will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once the money runs out you will not get any subsidy.

Apply for Rental Car Subsidy