DO NOT bring the following items to the Ijtema site:

  • Portable/handheld video games
  • Music Players & other gadgets
  • Board games
  • Playing cards/sports cards


If these or any other distracting items are found, they will be confiscated for the duration of the Ijtema.   Take care of personal belongings such as wallet, electronic devices etc. Ijtema Organizers are not responsible for misplaced or lost items. Never steal and never abuse anyone physically or verbally. Participants can be sent home for such misconducts. 


You must follow the Islamic customs, Jama’at traditions, and Khuddam moral code. Also, obey all rules of our host site (YMCA of the Rockies). Do not smoke on site.


Cooperate with Khuddam on duty. Be courteous to fellow Khuddam and atfal. Say Salam to other Khuddam and atfal generously and make new friends. Do not make noise once the lights go out for the night. Many khuddam and atfal travel long distances to get to the Ijtema and need some quiet time to get some sleep. Keep the Ijtema site clean especially the bathrooms and report any non-functional bathrooms ASAP. Constantly pray for the success of the Ijtema.

Sports Activities

Do not swear, lie, cheat, fight, play rough, or act inappropriately otherwise. During sports activities, referees and organizers can disqualify participants for such behavior. More severe actions can also be taken in cases of fighting. Obey the referees and do not try to influence them. Play for the sake of the game, and not merely to win. Accept defeat cheerfully and be generous to the opponent in victory and defeat.

Main Programs

Register as soon as you come to the Ijtema. Offer salat in congregation at designated times. Attend the formal sessions at proper times. Listen quietly to the proceedings during the formal sessions. Keep the head covered during formal sessions. Help with cleanup at the end of the Ijtema.