The cost of the National Ijtema is covered by the Ijtema Chanda you pay every year. However, there are still some costs that each individual is responsible for


What We Pay:


  • Site Rental
  • Accommodation from Friday – Monday
  • Food at Ijtema
  • All the sports and activities (mini-golf, swimming, board games, hiking, etc.)


What We Split:


  • Rental Car Cost
    (Discounted cars available to book and we will subsidize the cost of the rental car in addition to the discounted rate on a first come first serve basis. The remaining cost to be split evenly among the passengers)


What You Pay:


  • Airfare to Denver (limited need-based subsidy available. See subsidy page)
  • Entrance fee to the National Park ($20 per car to be split among the passengers)
  • Any optional activity that is not free such as horse-back riding, zip lining, rock wall climbing, etc.