We will be staying all three nights at the YMCA. Since the Rocky Mountain National Park is right next to the YMCA so we will go for sight-seeing or hiking and then come back to the YMCA.


This year we will have possibly the best Ijtema accommodations that we have ever provided. We will be providing hotel style rooms with attached baths. Each room will have six beds with comforters, pillows, and towels provided.


You must stay in the room assigned to you by the accommodations team.


We will get the rooms on Friday and we need to check-out of the rooms by 10 AM on Monday.


If you are arriving early or staying late then you can arrange your own accommodations. You can book the rooms at the YMCA with our group rates but you will have to pay the cost of that booking (not for Friday-Monday). Contact Nazim Accommodations Abdul Naseer sahib to arrange this. Rooms get booked fast so you need to do this as early as possible.


Room Rates for Early Arrival/Late Departure:

See the pictures of these rooms/cabins here

Note that these rates are only if you are arriving before Friday or not checking out on Monday.

Shared Lodge Room (4-Single beds, 1-Queen) – $25 per person per night

Personal Lodge Room (2-Queen beds, sleeps 4) – $144 per room per night

3-Bedroom Vacation Home (sleeps 7) – $414 per home per night

family rooms or cabins:


Since YMCA is a large site with many more rooms and cabins available away from the where Khuddam will be lodging so it is possible to reserve your own room or cabin. You can bring your kids and family but you will be responsible for their lodging cost in a room or cabin. Contact Nazim Accommodations, Abdul Naseer sahib, if interested. Once again this needs to be done early (in April or May, if possible). Families cannot stay in the 6-person lodge rooms where Khuddam will be staying. They can get their personal lodge rooms which are away from Khuddam accommodations or cabins. Prices are listed above