The Challenge

It’s a common sentiment among long-distance hikers that the first step is the hardest one to take… Congratulations for registering to attend the 2016 Yosemite Ijtema this year!  But that doesn’t mean that it’s all going to be downhill from here.

The purpose of this challenge is to help make sure that you’re properly prepared and equipped to have a safe and enjoyable experience with every upcoming step of your Yosemite Ijtema!

Physical and Mental Preparation

Thru-hiking any long distance trail is a physically grueling and mentally demanding endeavor, and the Yosemite Trail has a well-earned reputation for being among the most difficult of them all, but with great challenge comes great reward, and with the proper preparation, that reward is within your reach.

If you’re looking for suggestions to physically prepare for hiking the Yosemite Trail , it’s simple – eat healthy, be active and take the MKA Yosemite Fit Challenge! Start small and work your way up in mileage. When you’re comfortable with that, start focusing on vertical gain. Go up and down the biggest hill you can find, or substitute some stairs. Climbs of more than 3,000′ per day are typical on many parts of the trail. That’s the equivalent of climbing 500 flights of stairs! A high level of physical fitness prior to Ijtema will make for a greater experience.  It is important to remember that preparation is a PROCESS and to fully enjoy this unique Ijtema ….. .Yosemite starts NOW!


Local Majlis with the most pledges received by March31 will receive a $200 MKA Credit (can be used for any social outing by Qaid)

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